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Live Animal (Pet) Transport Service

Live Animal Transfer

At City Xpress Delivery, we have the vehicles, equipment, and staff to properly care for live animal cargo throughout its journey.

City Xpress Delivery provides same day delivery service while undertaking transportation of a wide range of live animals. All animals will be transferred in a temperature regulated, sanitized vehicle.

As the leader in the industry, City Xpress' custom vehicles are specifically modified for live animal transfers. Cargo space temperature is regulated and partitioned from the rest of the truck, allowing compliancy with each transfer's special needs and ensuring animals will not be exposed to extreme heat or cold.

City Xpress' trained professionals disinfect all vehicles after each use and prior to each transfer, and City Xpress' disinfectants are of the same chemical makeup of that used at top universities and institutions. All vehicles are also subject to a strict maintenance regimen.

City Xpress Delivery will handle any licensing, paperwork or permits to transfer any type of research animal.

Benefits of a Direct, Ground Route

In most scenarios, ground transportation is a safer and an overall better option for transferring research animals. By choosing a direct, ground route, the stress associated with transferring live animals as well as the threat of extreme external temperatures can be significantly reduced. With City Xpress Delivery, handling of your research animals is minimal. The animals will remain in the hands of a single courier service, and generally, City Xpress' ground transportation can be done at the same or less cost when compared to air travel.

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